Smaller Experiments


A simple RPG base with smooth 2D graphics but a Gameboy aesthetic - 2019

"House Generator"

Programmatically generates houses with definable values - 2015

"Monster Fite"

3D monster fighting system based on "Monster Rancher" for PSX - 2015


Roll a ball through small obstacle courses to reach a hole - 2017

"Cat Date"

Rumage through a trash can to take the requested scraps to cat pairs on dates, simple arcade style gameplay - 2019


Find objects in generated landscapes - 2016

"Ball Cats"

Mix two creatures made of balls together to produce offspring, similar to the "Petz" games - 2017

"Terrarium Builder"

A simple terrarium builder where you could select a jar and the plants that would be inside - 2014


Poke around small scenes as a tongue trying to find food - 2019


Chop food to the beat, the more centered the cut the better - 2016

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