Protoworld is a game I've been making myself since 2018. You play as a little guy who eats other guys.

A star is falling, but nobody understands because eating is all anyone knows…

Environment Concept Art

6 distinct areas are planned, with the whole game only using 15 base colours.


The following gifs are previews of in-progress development and are in various stages of completion. Rough work ahead!

The player can turn into a ball and dash into enemies to weaken them, or slide on their belly to eat many in a row.

A powerful spin bite can be charged up to eat everything around the player.

Enemies out of reach can be eaten with a long stretchy tongue...

Being a ball can be useful in many ways.

The player unlocks new abilities as they progress...


As well as there being many enemies to hunt, unique NPCs can be found and talked to throughout the world...

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