A collection of my character related work from 2017-2019, designs by myself unless stated otherwise.

3D model of a character design by Yagi, aka @s1120411 on Twitter - 2019

3D humanoid cat character model with poses, details drawn in 2D - 2017, for LINE digital stickers

Animated 3D model of a mimic monster design - 2017

Building themed 3D model creatures with "Good" and "Evil" forms - 2017, for a personal game project (Housepet)

Animated 3D wasp model and scene - 2017, final animated image used as an illustration for an online Bloomberg article

Examples of character designs and 3D models - 2017, for a personal game project (Housepet)

Experiments with cloth physics in Maya - 2017

Fantasy setting character with a focus on limited detail - 2019, made for a 3D modelling tutorial

Basilisk type creature, unfinished model - 2018

Animal sticker designs - 2019

Enemy and boss designs for a heaven and hell themed game idea - 2019

Miscellaneous 3D character models - 2017-2018

40 cat character expressions - 2018, for LINE digital stickers

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