About Me

👑 Hi! I'm Chelsea Saunders / PIXELATEDCROWN
💻 I'm a solo game developer and 3D artist

🍖 I'm working on my game, PROTOWORLD!
🌠 You can try the free alpha demo at protoworld.net

🥰 I worked at Google to make a Valentine's Day game
🏺 I made Kintsukuroi for the Android Experiments team
✨ I've worked freelance for individuals and small teams
⭐ As well as for companies like Bloomberg and Disney
❤️ I occasionally help out with the game DELTARUNE

What I Do

3D Modeling, Rigging, and Animation
- Character, prop and environment 3D modeling
- I specialize in a low poly style with solid colors
- I also enjoy mid poly models with painted textures

2D Concept Art and Spritework
- Character, environment and level design concept art
- I enjoy flat colour illustration and pixel art

Very confident with
- Unity, programming with C#
- 3D Modeling software such as Maya and 3D-Coat
- Digital art programs such as Photoshop and Procreate


If you'd like an email for major PROTOWORLD updates, submit your email address using the form below:
(email addresses will be added to a list that I'll use to mass send emails to, and for nothing else)

Contact & Links:

Email: chelsea.sau@gmail.com
Blog: pixelatedcrown.tumblr.com