Hey, who are you?

I'm Chelsea Saunders (or PIXELATEDCROWN) - I make games and game-type things! If you'd like general look at what I do, have a scroll through my tumblr here.

I've worked freelance and then full time for Google, first for the Android Experiments team to make Kintsukuroi as a solo dev (a free mobile game) and then full time with the Google Doodle team. I worked on the 2017 Valentine's day Google Doodle! You can play it here, at the top of the page.

Since then left Google to try and make something of my own. I'm making a game called Protoworld! I started a Patreon where I post a monthly newsletters that cover everything I've worked on that month. Protoworld also has an early demo and a website: protoworld.net

Sometimes I take on freelance work, working with individuals, small indie teams or even companies like Bloomberg and Disney.

Cool. What can you do?

3D Modelling, Rigging, and Animation

- Experienced in both props, characters and environment modelling
- Low poly, untextured & vertex coloured
- Mid poly with painted or solid colour textures

2D Concept Art and Spritework

- Character, costume, creature, environment and level design concept work
- Flat colour vector-like illustration / Chunky pixel art with strict palettes

Very confident with

- Unity, programming with C#
- 3D Modelling software such as Maya and 3D-Coat
- Digital drawing programs

Contact & Links:

Email: [email protected]
Blog: pixelatedcrown.tumblr.com